Google Family Link – Parental Control for Android Devices

Children nowadays have access to a lot of information online and it is next to impossible for parents to monitor this without using parental control software.

Google has a free app called Google Family Link that does just this. You can configure the kind of websites children will have access to as well as the amount of time they can use the device on a daily basis.

There are two versions of the app; one that is installed on the children’s device and the other on the parent’s device.

As a parent what I liked the most were the following:

  1. Websites can be enabled/disabled based on Categories.
  2. Access to certain apps can be disabled. For instance, I didn’t want my children to have access to the Camera, I could simply disable (hide) it.
  3. All app installations via Play Store sends a notification to the parent device for approval
  4. Daily time limits can be set. The only feature that continues to work after that, is the “phone”. I think that is essential to ensure they can call when needed.
  5. Location tracking allows parents to see where the phone/kids are

The Parent App is available for both Android and Apple devices, while the app for Children’s devices work only on Android devices.

In addition to using this, I also use the Microsoft Family feature for parental control on Windows devices. This will be covered in a subsequent post.


  1. Google Family Link Website
  2. Google Play Store Link
  3. Apple Store Link

Do you use Parental Control apps? Which one?

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